Georgia-Lina Precast Plant Tour and Process

Georgia-Lina Precast's plant facility has over 28,000 sq ft. of manufacturing space.

Quality Standards

  • All concrete is batched on site with a computerized mixer system which produces ASTM C94 spec concrete.
  • Once concrete is produced it is tested daily by our Quality Control Manager, who is ACI Level one Certified.


Our Quality Control Manager conducts ACI level one sampling and testing on all concrete used in the manufacture of our precast concrete structures daily.

Concrete cylinders are tested for compressive strength daily. All test reports are recorded, cataloged and kept on file. Allowing the company to track all products in inventory and delivered to job sites.


  • Products are stripped from their molds and inspected by the QC Manager
  • Once products have been approved, they are labeled with the job info, ASTM STD., date, company logo and NPCA Plant Certification LOGO
  • Product is then placed into inventory and readied for shipment
  • After stripping the molds, the production crew cleans and prepares the mold for reinforcing steel,lifting anchor and any inserts required.
  • Before closing the mold, the QC inspect all reinforcement, inserts and lifting anchors for proper placement. Once approved QC give the ok to close the molds.
  • Once the molds are closed, the QC manager then inspects the mold for squares and all dimensional check and tightness of mold. He then approves the mold to be poured
  • Once approved by the QC Manger, the production crew pours the mold and consolidates the concrete
  • Once the molds have been poured and consolidated, the finishing crew trowels and finish's all exposed surfaces to the required finish for the product being produced and prepares it for curing