Wall Panels

Sanitary sewer man holes

Septic tanks

Grease traps

Oil water separators

Storm drain structures

Catch basins

Catch basin lids

Head walls

SC and GA DOT structures


Trench units

Telecommunication vaults

Telecommunication pads

Meter pits

Backflow vaults

Fire vaults

Pull Boxes

Right of way marker for SC, NC, and GA DOT

Valve pads

Sewer clean out pads


Marking post

Parking bumpers

Water throughs


Accessories - boots, steps, butyl, pipe wrap, etc.

Steel trash racks

Steel lids

Aluminum trash racks

Aluminum lids

Other metal fabrication products



  • Job take off
  • Estimates and quotes
  • In field trouble shooting
  • Dependable delivery
  • On site evaluations
  • Technical assistance
  • Copy plans and drawings free
  • In field coring
  • Pre plumbing vaults with backflows, meters etc.